We facilitate business collaborations and resources exchange among women founders and professionals.


9/13 SoGal x WEpreneurs Special Resources Matchmaking Lunch

For Women Founders & Professionals

Current virtual events and meetings apps can struggle to create an engaging online environment for participants.
Event Time
2023-09-13 12:00 - 2023-09-13 14:00
Sense Forest 思享森林咖啡共享空間

9/13 SoGal x WEpreneurs Special Resources Matchmaking Lunch

For Women Founders & Professionals

Current virtual events and meetings apps can struggle to create an engaging online environment for participants.

SoGal Taiwan and WEpreneurs are hosting a joint lunch! This event serves as a warm gathering that connects entrepreneurs with business professionals from a broad spectrum of industries and sectors both locally and internationally. In addition, it is also a special occasion to empower diversity around the world and disrupt norms.

With that in mind, this time we are also utilizing a digital tool to help us connect and obtain the resources we need. So come with a business request in mind, or simply come to meet new and old friends! We hope everyone can register as early as possible since the event will be reserved seating.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Event Information 

Date and time: 2023/9/13 Wed 12:00-14:00

Location: Sense Forest 思享森林咖啡共享空間 (2F-1, No. 245, Section 3, Roosevelt Rd, Da’an District, Taipei) 


12:00-12:15         Registration

12:15-13:30         Lunch + Special Resources Matchmaking using WEpreneurs platform

13:30-14:00        Networking

14:00                   End

Participants: Women founders and professionals

Fees: $300 per person, including a main course and a beverage.

Registration: Please fill out the registration form and we will send you a confirmation email within a week.

Event Description 

Characteristics of WEpreneurs innovative networking:

  • Passionate women founders and professionals provide each other with resources, connections and opportunities to collaborate.
  • Highly efficient business matchmaking; everyone makes a clear request and response.
  • Use of digital tools to connect and keep records of the requests and resources.

How to proceed:

  • Our facilitator will guide the participants to make a precise business request, and all participants will take turns speaking about their request and respond to others with their collaboration opportunities, connections, experiences or advice.
  • WEpreneurs’ online platform will be utilized to help participants connect with each other and keep records of the resources received.
  • On average, everyone can obtain at least 3 resources per event. Together we will build a community that helps each other succeed.

About the facilitator 

Hannah Chou

  • Founder of WEpreneurs
  • Cartier Women’s Initiative Award jury and fellow
  • Ex-Cofounder of OurCityLove Social Enterprise
  • Mentor to various women entrepreneurs

About WEpreneurs 

WEpreneurs was founded in 2023 to connect women founders and professional, and facilitate business collaborations and resources exchange among them. Since January, close to 300 offers have been achieved through 6 events. We hope to help women quickly find the connections and resources they need so that they can achieve their business success and dreams. 

About SoGal

SoGal Foundation’s mission is to close the diversity gap in entrepreneurship and venture capital. Our initiatives focus on equitable and inclusive access to education, networks, and investment capital that diverse founders need to create and scale their businesses successfully. 

We’re the largest global platform for next-gen women and diverse entrepreneurs and investors and have more than 60 chapters across six continents that provide hyper-local programming based on their individual communities.


By attending this event, participants agree to authorize the organizers to film, photograph, and publicly use their portraits and voices solely for the promotional purpose. The participants agree to waive the rights to any claims for payment or royalties.


SoGal WEpreneurs將共同舉辦一場午餐會,讓大家能一邊用餐、一邊與社群裡的職場女性和女性創辦人,跨產業跨領域地交流!



日期時間: 2023/9/13 12:00-14:00
地點: Sense Forest 思享森林咖啡共享空間 (106台北市大安區羅斯福路三段2452樓之1) 
12:00-12:15          報到
12:15-13:30          透過WEpreneurs創新平台進行商機媒合資源交流的午餐時間
13:30-14:00          自由交流
14:00                    散會
參與對象: 職場女性、女性創辦人/共同創辦人
費用: $300/, 費用含餐點及飲品
報名方式: 送出報名表後,主辦方會於一周內審核並寄送報名成功確認信。


  • 人脈有限,無法及時滿足需求
  • 網路資訊太廣,消耗太多時間整理歸納
  • 無法快速找到潛在合作商機


  • 一群熱血的女性創業家與專業人士互助與合作,找到關鍵資源與建議
  • 高效率商機媒合,精準提出需求與合作,不囉嗦
  • 使用數位工具建立人脈,並記錄請求與獲取的資源
  • Hannah引導每位參與者精準描述需求,參與者輪流提供合作機會、人脈、經驗、建議
  • 用線上平台連結彼此、紀錄資源、方便後續連繫
  • 每人名均可獲得3個資源,一起打造積極互助的社群


Hannah Chou 周榆薇

Ÿ   WEpreneurs 創辦人
Ÿ   卡地亞靈思湧動女性創業家獎評審與得主
Ÿ   众社會企業前共同創辦人
Ÿ   女創導師


有關 SoGal
SoGal 基金會致力於縮小創業與創投之間的多元差距,提倡公平與包容的教育、網絡與對接資本市場,以利多元的創業家能成功開創並茁壯事業。SoGal是全球最大新世代女性、多元創業家與投資人的平台,在六大洲擁有超過60個分會,並依照各地區的不同需求提供適當的平台協助。